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Magento eCommerce development

Mazaya Stores operates since 1997 as a prominent retailer for niche makeup and fragrance products. In 2019, Mazaya Stores was ready to step into the online shopping wave with a fully-functional e-commerce website.

We built Mazaya’s Magento platform to digest the large collection of products and the very special features requested by the client. Despite Magento’s robust capabilities, Mazaya’s requirements regarding their stock and services required additional developments which we constructed from the ground up .

 Special features

  • Integration with the Microsoft AX ERP system: Integrating LIVE & instant updates of stock and prices
  • Multi-store shipping integrated with google maps: Allowing products’ shipping from the nearest store to the customer’s address
  • Omni-channel loyalty program integration: Setting up a holistic form of customer engagement, seamlessly transferring the usage of loyalty points across all marketing channels — stores, website, and Mobile App

CMS Management

Challenged with the data entry of 40,000+ SKUs to launch with a complete experience, a team of 10 data entry specialists were assigned and dedicated to complete the task on time. We integrally continue to manage the website in terms of: Regular Site Audits, Process Improvement Strategies, Data updates, and CRO enhancements.

Technical Maintenance & Support

To ensure Mazaya Stores e-commerce stays in good shape, the client requested our involvement in the ongoing process of technical maintenance and support: Security Patches, Break/fix Support, Site Upgrade Management.

AWS setup

Being a giant business like Mazaya Stores, the website confronted huge traffic in rush seasons and caused some technical & operational turbulence. We advised our client to transfer to Amazon Web Services (AWS) server and – having cloud formation and software engineers within our team – we quickly enabled our client to take control of cost and continuously optimize their hosting expenditure with scalable applications to meet their needs offering the solution of flexibility to effectively manage costs and still keep the performance and capacity required.

Mobile Application Development

During the pandemic crisis, the client requested to increase the online sales through launching a Mobile App. just one side of the coin, app launch is the other one. Being one of the best Mobile App Development agencies in the industry, we know what it takes to convert a vision into reality. We developed the App with all the required features, ensured to support our client through IOS & Android store submission and until the App was LIVE…and beyond.


  1. Magento eCommerce development
  2. eCommerce CMS management
  3. eCommerce technical support
  4. AWS setup
  5. Native iOS & Android smartphone apps



Mazaya is one of the largest leading retails in Egypt that covers a wide variety of sectors, including the latest and best recognized brand names ranging from Fashion (ready to wear, Lingerie, Watches, Accessories), to Beauty (Fragrances and Cosmetics).





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